Vegan-Friendly Cuisine at Ayada Maldives

While fish and coconut dishes are the staple foods of the Maldives, vegetarian and vegan food is widely available. At Ayada Maldives, we take pride in serving some of the most praised vegan diet-friendly dishes among all five-star resorts in the region.


Good food starts with fresh local ingredients

In all cuisines, but especially in the case of plant-based cooking, ingredients are everything. In the Maldives it is particularly difficult to source fresh and good quality ingredients, so our resort works with local farmers to make sure only the best fruits and vegetables land in your plate. 

For years, our executive chef and the culinary team have been sourcing fresh ingredients from local islands farms. It was not always easy. From the beginning of the trade relationship with nearby farming communities, Ayada has helped tremendously make it possible to grow produce that is suitable for high-end culinary use.

Some fruits and vegetables are grown on the island of Ayada itself, in our organic Secret Garden. The rest of the ingredients are purchased from vetted suppliers.

We are keeping up with food trends

One of our strengths at Ayada Maldives is good food. Not only vegetarian food, but for every diet and cuisine we cater for. You will find countless TripAdvisor reviews praising the goodness of our dishes. 

Here you won't find the typical boring hotel food you have eaten so many times in other places. We are always on top of food trends, including vegetarian and vegan dishes that are whole, delicious, fresh, and look amazing.

Plant-based eating is becoming more and more popular every year, and we are most happy to embrace these changes. Ayada Maldives is not only a good place to relax but also to indulge in good, tasty food.

Tropical ingredients

As a tropical island resort, we make sure that you will never lack tropical fruits, like banana, coconut, dragonfruit, guava, jabuticaba, mango, mangosteen, noni, passionfruit, pineapple, and papaya.

We have many creative ways to serve these lovely fruits in salads, cocktails, foods, and non-alcoholic drinks.

In this post, we are going to share some pictures of our popular vegan-friendly dishes.

Gallery of pictures below

Daniel Diosi