Secret Garden


The Secret Garden at Ayada Maldives is a heaven of organic vegetables, herbs and fruits grown in the heart of the island. Our head gardener is passionately cooperating with our executive chef to deliver fresh 0-km produce, from the garden our guest’s plates.


We grow salads in our hydroponic plantation. Hydroponics is a subset of hydro-culture and is a method, circulating mineral nutrient solutions in a closed system, in water, without soil.

Banana plantation

A variety of Maldivian banana is grown in our garden.

Vegetable garden

A wide selection of vegetables and herbs can be found at our Secret Garden, such as basil, mint, tomato, eggplants, Maldivian chilly or spinach leaves.

Orchid house

The place where we nurse the orchids, getting them ready to beautify our island.


The area used to nurse, plants and trees to decorate roads and paths around our tropical paradise.

Local island farming

Our garden has limited production, so we ship fresh local produce, mainly mango, watermelon and Maldivian chilly, from the nearby local island collective.

Our chef and gardeners visit the farm regularly to ensure that quality and production standards. We supply seeds, support farmers to improve farming techniques and eventually buy their produce that will be shipped back to Ayada Maldives.

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