Where Luxury Blends with Nature


Green Star Diamond Award

In recognition of the efforts taken to protect and preserve, the Green Star Diamond Award by the Five Star Diamond Award has been bestowed to Ayada Maldives. Recognizing and celebrating the intersection of first class luxury with environmental awareness, Ayada Maldives is deeply honored to be the first ever recipient of this prestigious award.


Fresh Water & Energy


Our electricity is produced by state of the art diesel powered generators. The energy required for heating water in both the guest and staff accommodation is produced through the Quantum Eco Hot Water system whereby we conserve more energy whilst heating water, unlike the traditional water heating methods.

Fresh water

A reverse osmosis plant is situated on site to purify the water for drinking and other purposes. Ayada Maldives bottles its own water in glass bottles which reduces the need to waste thousands of plastic bottles a year.

Air conditioning

We exclusively use inverter ducted air conditioners where there is a 50% energy saving during the cooling operation and 64% energy savings during the heating operation. This technology provides a more even room temperature.


Waste management

General waste

All paper waste is incinerated on the island, while plastic, glass, cardboard, cans, batteries  is separated and recycled.  Non-combustible waste is taken to Thilafushi, a special land fill island near Male.

Waste water

The resort is equipped with a state of the art waste water treatment plant. Treated water is used for irrigation on the island.

Waste reducing initiatives

In order to minimize waste, we have implemented several initiatives to minimize plastic and paper waste to reduce chemicals used in daily operations and our overall CO2 emission and footprint.


Coral & Sea Life

Ayada Maldives in partnership with Seamarc has implemented a reef scaping and coral regeneration project throughout the coral reef around the resort. Our aim is to develop and manage the resorts own coral nursery and rehabilitation project.

Broken or threatened corals are harvested and attached to portable coral trays and replanted in the ocean allowing the branching corals to grow faster and whereby new habitats are grown rapidly and old habitats are replenished.

Guests staying at the resort can get involved by adopting their own coral for transplantation in to the reef.

Besides doing our best to protect our nature, we also encourage our guests to remain responsible and refrain from activities that can damage the underwater ecosystem.

Day to day activities

The daily operation of Ayada Maldives has been carefully planned to minimize environmental footprint throughout all departments. We have strict policies and procedures to ensure optimal power consumption and reduce waste output as much as possible.

  • Producing freshwater and bottling it to glass bottles in house to reduce plastic bottles

  • Branches and dry leaves are used for composting with sludge of sewerage treatment plant

  • Using bio degradable bags for housekeeping purposes

  • Linen laundry bags for all operation

  • Monitoring and controlling daily water and power consumption

  • Monitoring and managing our carbon foot print

  • Proper usage of sewerage plant and re-using treated water for the gardening purposes

  • Proper maintenance of all refrigeration and AC units to minimize the usage of refrigerants

  • Awareness programs for colleagues to minimize power and electricity usage